Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

It’s definitely true, the mystique and the build up of the original movie is gone. Replaced by more outrageously big war scenes and chaos, this movie is still enjoyable though. Awe-inspiringly big, I might add. Explosions in wide screen shots as you’ve never seen before.
The fast paced action is sometimes hard to follow, and remembering all the characters is a real no-go. Humor, luckily is still there, but not as subtle as before. Story isn’t first grade either, now more leveling off between a cat and mouse race and non-stop war.
The previously spotless visual effects are still there, but in a few scenes, they drop their guard and reveal some sloppiness (with the robots colors, reflectiveness and sharpness standing out). In old school explosion scenes, Michael Bay shines in making it more exiting, with dust and timing the explosions causing those “wow” scenes.
If you’re ready to get a sensory overload (both visually and auditory), this is for you. This time though, the girlfriend can stay at home (Michael Bay used a lot of nice slow-mo shots of Megan Fox, yay).8-.

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  1. who can stay at home Says:

    This time though, the girlfriend can stay at home ?? is this the reason that I still not watch this movie yet ? 😳

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