My precioussssss….

This is what it looks like after you’ve taken a hot air balloon flight.


And this is what it looks like if you throw titanium and diamonds together. Well, technically also an almost dying Koriander plant, which for some unknown reason I thought would serve as a nice backdrop.


4 Responses to “My precioussssss….”

  1. Marz Says:

    congratz Kimpie and future ms. Kimputer 😛 \o/

    did you check the ring for a hidden message, like the One Ring ? 😛 but it is one hell of a nice ring 🙂

    do those certificates state baron & barones ? and did you make pcitures from the view on the outside too ? 🙂

  2. Geert Says:

    Woooow impressive, when is the BIG day ?

    Do I count well, are there 16 diamonds on the ring ?

    It should be because 16 equals 2 x 8 which means in Chinese “Double Happiness” in marriage ❗

  3. KaNam Says:

    It’s actually just 15. It’s a Boccia Titanium. I’ll keep it in mind for the wedding ring 🙂

  4. Tinus Says:

    I must have a sixth sense!
    Didn’t check your blog in ages and now I’m reading this!! 😆

    Congratulations!! 😀

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