Review: The Unborn

David S. Goyer made name for himself, delivering excellent screenplays for the Batman revival headed by Christopher Nolan. For his own project though, writing and directing this horror flick, it seems he fails miserably. Directing is shoddy at best, and the writing is amateurishly bad. Even for this genre, a bad script can be forgiven, as long as the scares are sufficient. But here, it’s just shot for shot, unimaginably contrived, like someone pushed him to show the scary kid in the mirror as if he’s earning a million dollar everytime he does it (I hope not, because it looks like a box office flop to me). Same goes for the underwear shots (the only thing I did appreciate). So, yes, Odette Yustman is hot (2 seasons of October Road), and no, Gary Oldman made one of his worst decision joining this movie. Which begs to wonder, how did this movie ever get “born” ? 4-.

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