Review: Role Models

The trusty Paul Rudd (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up) pairs up with the more vulgar Seann William Scott (American Pie) in this failed comedy. Story is simple, these two friends have to either spend prison time, or be role models for a charity for kids. And hence starts a typecasting carreer for nerd Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), in playing a geek who’s past-time is real life battle/role playing. Sure, these costume donning weirdos battling it out with plastic weapons in a big park save lots on the budget, but it’s toe-curlingly cheesy and corny, it’s almost unwatchable.
The developing friendships are highly predictable too, and the laughs aren’t overpowering. It’s really too weak to really call it a comedy. It’s a prime example of a documentary on how to avoid making a comedy this way, ever again.4.

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  1. OOsz Says:

    I watched this movie today also…

    Indeed it’s disgustingly, and it only came a little humourous after maybe one hour. I may have sniggered once. Says enough about the “comedy”.

    One more comment: I stumbled upon Miss Elizabeth Banks now twice in a movie. Both she played the role of the women breaking up a relationship on some stupid subjects…It makes me a little sick. Not my favourite actress ever 🙁 . Men have feelings too ;-). Other movie was “Definitely, Maybe”.

    I fully share the “4” Kimputer commented for this movie. 😈

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