TV Summer season

It’s already over. It’s September, and new shows are ready to premiere. So how was this summer’s TV season ?

Well, as usual, half a season of Monk and Psych are always nice. Weeds was up to par also. The Closer remains mildly entertaining, and Last Comic Standing was funny now and then too.
But for the newcomers, it was somewhat disappointing.

The Cleaner: Sappy drama (one of the few originals from A&E Television Networks) about addiction, in the long run, all the episodes are somewhat the same. And while Benjamin Bratt is a good actor, it’s seeing more of Grace Park (during her Battlestar Galactica downtime) that makes it more bearable.

Flashpoint: All flashy, no depth. An elite group of police officers called the SRU (Strategic Response Unit), defuse a hostage situation every week. Blablabla. Seen it all, been there, done that. Not to mention how predictable these story lines unfold.

Generation Kill: HBO’s mini-series is actually about nothing. There’s no real action, and most of the time it’s just soldiers either talking in military slang, or they’re talking bullshit about nothing for hours and hours. With so many testosterone and weapons, it’s really a miracle how it gets to be so dull.

As you can see, not much happened on TV this summer. Boy, was I lucky I got to go on vacation.

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