Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

George Lucas let us down a few years ago (blocked Phantom Menace your memory, dinya ?). He did it again this year (Indiana Yawns 4, anyone ?), but he reallllllly blew it with this animated feature.
Just neatly fitting it between Episode II and III, it really is of no consequence. Let alone, we already know the outcome. Then we have the simple animation, where textures feature no more than 256 colors. Talk about taking hyperjump shortcuts.
Missing original voices is really bad, but with this lousy script, it’s understandable and acceptable. I don’t even think the story will appeal to kids, simply going from mission to mission (with the usual “wait for reinforcement” plot device to stretch for time, before looping into another same mission).
Motion capture seems to be reaching too far from the budget, as the once graceful saber fight are replaced with wooden moves that makes stop-motion look more smoothly.
Just consider Star Wars a closed chapter, and ignore the existence of this franchise (trying to spin off a TV series).4-.

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