The X-Files: I Want to Believe

The last movie is already buried in my memory, not able to remember if there was any alien involvement or government conspiracy burials. The TV show, with all the cult followers, I didn’t get also. The Mulder-Scully bickering got to be too generic anyway, always going to same way.
This time, at least their relationship is taken to another level, but it seems it’s the only fresh thing to be found in here. There’s nothing too special in the story, with such a mundane topic, it’s almost embarrassingly typical thriller-y style, I think it might offend about 99.9% of the X-Filers out there.
For me, seeing this objectively as a movie, it fails. It lacks too much to be called a movie. Even for a TV special it would lack too much. Maybe an extended episode then, but even then it wouldn’t rank that high among fan favorites.
So, Chris Carter wants to believe he’s still got it, but to me, he never had anything to begin with anyway.6-.

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