Review: The Dark Knight

It’s final now. Director Christopher Nolan made it to the top. There’s no going around him anymore. I, of course, already knew it when I first layed my eyes on Memento. Batman Begins showed us he could do well with big budget as well. But with The Dark Knight, you will leave the movie theater with a gasp and think to yourself, “Wow, what a masterpiece!”.
With a wonderful setup now out of the way, we can get straight to the core for a full two and a half hours of intense drama. Introducing more characters, it actually leaves screen time for the main characters (with a superbly casted Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart, while Maggie Gyllenhaal holds her own replacing Katie Holmes). But somehow, how the story is written, it doesn’t matter. Nolan combines character, story, drama, and action into one powerful and dark movie. While there’s also less time involved in explaining the technical stuff, it means an upgraded Bat-suit and other neatoh gadgets also gets less screen time.
Finishing off the toppings are Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, again collaborating on the sound track. The sound track to Batman Begins was so special to begin with, this one is different enough (with some tracks more brass and percussion heavy), yet borrowing some recognisable cues from earlier to ensure the same dramatic response.
All in all, you shouldn’t be put off that this is a superhero movie, because as extreme as the characters may sound, it’s so well written and grounded to reality, that makes it’s so scary. And that makes The Dark Knight one of a kind.10-.

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  1. B. Says:

    Just saw this beauty tonight in the nation’s capital – Couldn’t agree more with the score. Whaddamovie!

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