Around the earth in…

…just two weeks, I guess.

Well, earth shattering news. What the gossip papers have written is totally true.

I booked a vacation trip to Taiwan !!!

Last time I stepped on an airplane was in the time when it had propellers and the most advanced type was categorised as Bi-Plane.
And actually, since my working life started over a decade ago, I never took vacations (ah well, just one week off for some local relaxing, but that’s really it). So, let’s just skip the new pc (or two) for this year (never needed one anyway, since mine was running Counterstrike:Source just fine on 1600×1200), and hop on an Airbus (I hope).

And now for the tought part, since I’m going to tech-heaven (mostly price-wise that is), Asus EEE901 or MSI Wind ? Oh oh oh, what to buy ?

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