Review: Ben & Jerry’s Jamaican Me Crazy

The first salvo of Ben & Jerry’s new low fat marketing strategy, and this one actually has no fat at all (they’re just not telling you sorbet is made of 50% sugar).
As the picture shows, this flavor is Chunkey Pineapple Sorbet with Passionfruit Swirls. First of all, it ain’t chunkey enough, though, all the sorbets I know aren’t chunkey at all, but still… Then I can’t even taste the passion fruit swirls. In the end, it’s still a normal sorbet, and it doesn’t set itself apart like the other rich flavors with great contrasting texture. So, here’s a nice, but not special grade.7-. (Admittedly, the phonetically hilarious word play title had me rolling on the floor for a while)
Ben & Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy

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  1. OOsz Says:

    I have to admit that this is not the kind of ice-cream I suspect from Ben & Jerry’s either. The name is really nifty, but also I miss the “Ben and Jerry’s feeling”. Rather I wanted that they would “pint” tastes the other sorbets known from the scoopshops. Unfortunately I forgot the names of them 😥 .

    I would give it a 6, and next time I will choose full-fat pint’s. \o/

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