Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles

Another one of those typical fantasy “family” movie, or so I thought. The “family” part is put inside quotes beside mostly they turn out to be for kids. Or more for little children. Sometimes I even feel they’re made for babies.
Anyway, luckily this one not so much. Sure, in its core it targets the family audience nicely, but at least this time I wasn’t annoyed like so many times before (I can still kill anyone of the cast members of that Narnia b*s*). Probably because the highly talented Freddie Highmore was cast. Heck, for this dual-role, he’s the only one who can pull it of credibly. Though the mom-role of Mary-Louise Parker was type-cast (see Weeds), she’s still a sight to behold.
Though the screenplay offers only limited incredible scenes (mostly a bit of forest and inside the house) and the story doesn’t reach that far in any direction, it’s still a nicely average movie, that’s not dull at any moment.7+.

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