Review: There Will Be Blood

Another Oscar nominations laden movie, but this one clocks in at a higher running time than the last one I saw (No Country for Old Men at 122 minutes, this one at 158 minutes). Mind you, I’m not afraid of long movies. Heck, Magnolia (from the same director, Paul Thomas Anderson) runs at 188 minutes and was utterly satisfying. But this time though, it was kind of a disappointment.
Sure, Daniel Day Lewis deserves an Oscar for his utterly insane performance (though through all that insanity and complexity, it’s hard to gauge his true feelings and intensions), but it’s not worth the long running time. Topics range from pure business to obsessive anti-Church ramblings, but as a total, it’s not that cohesive.
Take the strange ending into the account, and you feel totally let down (by the Oscar hype and director).6½.

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