Review: John Rambo

Sylvester Stallone crawls behind the camera again (earlier in the year for Rocky Balboa), and he delivers another typically good movie. As with previous Rambo movies, he brings the reality of war to light (previously Vietnam and Afganistan, in this case Burma) and goes a few steps further showing the raw brutality of it all through a single man who’s low on speech, but able with weapons.
You’ll get served maybe the most violent movie of all times, with limbs and intestines flying all over in high gory detail. This leaves your adrenaline level in the higher regions throughout the movie while you keep rooting for one of the most ruthless war hero in the history of film. The story itself is less personal though, with torture scenes or personal ties getting Rambo pissed off, this time it’s more general justice he’s serving. Also, there used to be more inventive ways to kill people the previous movies, here’s it’s far more straight-forward.
Then there are a few bits of pretentious dialogue, but buried with all the gore and violence, it’s not that noticable. What’s more noticable is the short running time. Then again, with the not-so-complicated script, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. For Rambo lovers, this is definitely not one to miss.7½.

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