Review: National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Technically, it’s a sequel. Factually, this is still an Indiana Jones rip-off, as stated before in my review of the first chapter. Since this kind of movie is so easily forgotten, it feels like a fresh start. We get to reacquaint ourselves with the characters (since they didn’t leave any impression from last time) while the high-paced chase around the world starts pretty early on. A few puzzles and ancient translations are clues for the next step and drives the thin story forward.
Basically, it’s the same easily forgotten material from the first movie, with only the mother character surprisingly amusing (if only to see her out of her Queen character).
If you’re not into typical Hollywood-fare, this one is easy to skip. Hold a bucket of pop-corn, enjoy the cheap laughs, and it’s pretty do-able.7-.

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