Review: Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride

This should actually a dual album review, since I tried both her debut album (after winning Idols 4 about 2 years ago) and her follow-up album after noticing she was riding an awards wave about 3 stories tall (songs from her debut album are still nominated for the 2008 Grammies). Even though I don’t like the all-out country/western songs (what she gets nominated most for), the debut album was instantly grabbing, with soulful pop with only the slightest touch of the southern influences.
Her second album is definitly not as powerful in that sense. It’s geared more towards the country scene, hence I like less songs. Still there are a handful of uptempo swingers and her voice (and appearance) is still nothing but stunning.
In a time where you start longing for new Faith Hill or Leann Rimes material, this is a storm flushing away those desires. She definitely stands on her own (even though I didn’t notice it at first), and if you stick around for the end credits of Enchanted (the movie), there nothing but to smile to yourself for recognising her unique voice in a new song. First album is a firm 8½, this second album I’d give a 7½.

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