Review: The Golden Compass

Marketed by New Line Cinema as the new saga a la Lord of the Rings, it actually comes pretty close. It follow the same structure, with the same elements (not to mention starring Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen). One special kid, one special object, on a journey, continuously meeting up with new races and making new friends along the w you’ll have to take the formed friendship for granted, since not a lot of emotional baggage will be carried over. Also lacking are quality scenes featuring Daniel Craig or Nicole Kidman (again, not a lot of screen time to be divided). Of course it’s also more children friendly, making it more of a mix with Harry Potter or Narnia. Difference though is the spot-on casting of the main character (Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Belacqua), who makes quite an impression as a new comer.
All in all, the seeds for a moral story is are sparsely planted (as there are supposedly two sequels to follow), which means that on its own, it’s just an average movie.
One thing it teaches us though is Catholics get high on crack regularly, choosing to boycot this movie before it screened. Since not even the slightest touch on religion is made here, logic dictates they must be worried about the few mentions of fairy dust and making a stand for one’s free will, which kinda reveals their own true agenda instead. Silly they never figured boycotting The Lord of the Rings would do less damage to their image (since the analogy of Gandalf the White/The Eye of Sauron as God-Jesus/Devil is much more obvious).
So, if you’re not really into fantasy, this movie can’t be really recommended.7-.

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