Review: James Blunt – All The Lost Souls

2 Years down the road, but still only the one smash-hit song that’s imminently bound to this singer/songwriter is You’re Beautiful. And even though his voice combined with ultra-sweet songs swept me over and got me to award his first album with an 8- (slightly over-rated, now it seems), the party train just has to stop here. Reason is that I thought there was longevity in the album, time has proven it otherwise. Admittedly, they are still high quality, but somehow lose the fight due to being only sweet.
Like his previous album, you’ll have to do with just 10 songs. His first single is 1973, and signals this album will be about the same, sweet combined with his unique voice. You can’t really fault him on quality again, but I already know how this will unfold over a longer period (also lacking a break-out hit, unlike last time). So, for fans waiting for another album without too many changes, go for it. I’ll just pick the one or two songs from it, and will probably come across this album on the next “Play All” command in my WinAmp Media Library (not often).7.

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