Review: Rush Hour 3

The third installment of asian martial arts inspired action movie starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan again, also with Brett Ratner behind the camera again. While story was never a strong point in this series, this movie is absolutely totally NOT about story. In fact, they had to hire a second script supervisor, telling the first one the discrepancies and continuity errors were there for a reason.
Mostly of course, to jumpt to the next action sequence, but it still boggles the mind why any script supervisor wouldn’t enter a catatonic psychosis with this script.
So then it’s all about the jokes and action ? Yupz, very much so. And in fact, I did laugh a few times, while Jackie does his usual acrobatics. If you can live on that alone, this is the movie for you. But from me, it get’s a just below average grade.7-.

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