TV Review – Summer roundup

With most series premiering this week already, it’s time for a summer roundup. Some shows already had their season finales, some are still in progress.

Psych S2 / Monk S6:
As usual with the USA network, the first half of the seasons aired, with the second half rounding out the beginning of next year. As usual both shows were funny as hell (though for both goes, the season openers were a riot, while episodes after that left you wanting for the same superb quality, but was too hard to reach).

The 4400 S4:
A great season again, with a total different tone than season before. Seems like they manage to make each season very different, but still keep the core story intact, developing characters along the way. And of course, great season finale, as usual.

The Dead Zone S6:
Following the trend of making the beginning and ending interesting, it keeps forgetting the episodes inbetween. But even with that flaw, I’ll be looking forward to season 7

Weeds S3:
Funny and dramatic at the same time, it’s a shame Mary-Louise Parker didn’t win an Emmy. Story continues on both city-wide as well as family level, and strangely enough, soft drugs is still able to be the main push for stories. Addiction alert !

Damages S1:
While the amazing tour de force (mostly Glenn Close’s and Ted Danson’s characters) shown in the first few episodes have died down a bit, it’s still a real treat, drama-wise, and each episode has real gems for moments. All the while, with so many things happening, shocking both sides, you wonder how they will ever continue this for another season, without heads rolling in the superb cast.

Big Love S2:
Another season to prove this family, bound by love, will be around for a while. Family matters continue to be interesting, and the dynamics in this Mormon family is a joy to watch.

The Closer S3:
While they seem to integrate more personal stuff (from Kyra Sedgwick’s character) into the story lines, at best it’s still a formulaic procedural.

Saving Grace S1:
Holly Hunter or not, divine help or not, it has no qualities to make this show stand out head and shoulders above any other show. It’s boring-ish dialogue and story lines, with only a few funny religious jokes now and then doesn’t quite cut it.

All in all, a pretty great summer, with the shows I like all probably greenlighted for a new season, meaning the next summer will be evenly enjoyable. Who needs sun and vacation eh ?

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