Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

Somehow I didn’t have faith in the Bourne franchise anymore. The rave critical and user reviews lightened things up a bit, and now I’m convinced it’s the best in the series. Of course, it’s still not that story driven, and it has to have everything in the thrills and high pace. Matt Damon is well-suited in his character keeping the drama high onscreen, while the other actors do well with their characters (mostly non characteristic and no back story). Flashbacks and speedy spy/secret agent like conduct propels the action, hard against hard (evenly matched agents). Throw in some high speed car chases where special effects are blended to unseen subtleties, and you have a big old style action movie. I’m not sure if this formula would hold up with a fourth movie (since the end was in sight in this one), but for now, if they spin it in a new direction, I wouldn’t mind it at all.8-.

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