Review: Hot Rod

One of the biggest failures this year, and I would say comedic failure in full, if only I laughed once or twice during the showing. It’s an utterly long sit through all the lame “jokes”, and it gives you time to think how such a movie would ever get approved. Will Ferrell and Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) are producers, and they must gotten this project greenlighted when they were both drunk along with a bunch of high Paramount suits. Anyone with an IQ higher than 10 could’ve read the script and thrown it away, but no. Let’s take an SNL star along, and let’s take one who isn’t even that overly funny to begin with (Andy Samberg).
This one really has to be avoided at all cost. If you ever get into a hostage situation, and this one shows up on TV, kill yourself and your fellow hostages, because your situation couldn’t get worse, and you’d help everyone out that way.2.

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