Review: Rescue Dawn

Ever since Christian Bale’s role in American Psycho, I couldn’t stand him. Train wreckages like Reign of Fire and Equilibrium followed, making it even worse. The only one film changed everything, and that was 1994’s The Machinist. Ever since then, I thought he was the most dependable actor, with every role so different and well-acted, he’s probably the most under-rated actor ever. Obviously, since then I have seen most of his movies, and while not all are hits, acting is always superb.
So it is also in this movie, a true tale of imprisonment and survival. Slow and moody, while his character seems to be able to keep the spirits up, slowly declining to the end. The story itself is pretty basic, like most of these movies are, but direction is pretty powerful. Most surprising though, is Steve Zahn in a dramatic role, and pulling it off very well too.
For such a low budget movie, the visuals and atmosphere made every dollar worth its while tenfold, though it’s not a movie recommended for everyone.7+.

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  1. patrick Says:

    we can say at least that Bale’s a very versatile actor

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