Review: Death at a Funeral

Frank Oz is a bit of everything. He’s the voice of Yoda, but also from many Muppets (including puppeteering them himself). He’s a director too, with memorable comedies in the late eighties, till the more mediocre stuff in the late nineties (In & Out, Bowfinger).
This time, he’s directing a movie a bit in the British style. The title of this movie is perfectly descriptive, and hence, there’s no need to predict what is going to happen. That’s one side of the story, as there are many many things you will see coming before it happens, but still laugh out loud about it. The other hand is the unpredictability of it all, and all of it happens only at one location (where the funeral is being held). While slow at first, the escelation of the little problems run rampage after less than 20 minutes, and keeps on going till the end. I guess Frank Oz is definitely back in the game, if he keeps making comedies like he’s never done before.8.

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