Review: Transformers

A surprise hit States-side (they thought it would appeal only to the older males who grew up with the toys and cartoon series), it actually plays well in most demographics. And it’s quite understandable. Michael Bay really delivers the ultimate pop-corn movie here.
It’s an uncomplicated story, but the rest will blow your mind. Sometimes, with a high budget movie, you wonder where all the money went to, but with this $150 million vehicle, it’s quite clear. Wonderful location shooting and stunning visuals (though a bit fast cut and chaotic at times) are a force to be reckoned with, but most of the characters have fantastic one-liners, and Shia LaBeouf carries this movie well on his own. Still, there are also quite a bit of memorable other characters around (hilarious roles for John Turturro and Anthony Anderson), and not the least the Autobots themselves.
Another important factor well done is the sound design (mostly effects), though Michael Bay’s recent go-to composer Steve Jablonsky delivers a not-so imaginitive score (resembling too much of his own previous works and his learning master Hans Zimmer).
All in all, this movie is not only enjoyable in the short run, you’ll actually wanna go out and buy the newly produced Transformers toyline (now even more advanced), and play with it like the good ol’ days till the highly probable sequel comes out in two years.8½.

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