Review: Heartland 101 – 104

A new medical drama airing on TNT, starring Treat Williams in yet another “doctor” role. Fresh off the train from the idyllic Everwood, he’s back to being full-time surgeon in an organ transplant specialising hospital. And of course, would we dare call this a drama without the mandatory neglected kid. Throw in an ex-wife who happens to be one of your closest colleague (organ donor liaison), and let the doc frolic around with a nurse. Enough drama for you ?
I can tell you, it’s not. Drama comes from the dying patient, and the joyous recepient. Which means, another fresh case every week. Personal drama is just a side note, inconsistent and and usually just put in to add something to the patient story. There doesn’t seem to be any follow up at all, and even then, it would probably be one-dimensional. Throwing in a “I see dead people” thing for the main character, is another weakness, as for the past few years, I can name five shows that already have done that (Haunted, Ghost Whisperer, Raines, Medium, Tru Calling. I.E. IT’S GETTING OLD !!!).
And lastly, with such a title, this show is particularly cold. Here’s one for a speedy return of Grey’s Anatomy, and hoping the spin-off, Private Practice, will deliver (and even if it doesn’t, Grey will continue to dominate Thursday night anyways).

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