Review: Hidden Palms 101

CW decides to launch a show during the summer months too, and Hidden Palms is set in the sunny Palm Springs. Coming from teen dram vet Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek), it’s again targeted at the same demographics. So I could’ve seen the result coming before ever watching the pilot, but I just had to see it for myself.
Like most of these shows, it’s all about looks, and not about content. It’s about a family moving into a rich neighborhood, where we find all the rich kids have their own problems. Teen angst works well for some audiences, but here it doesn’t serve anything ‘cept to prove its inept writing, as seen by how easy it is to predict how all love interest will work out.
Extra ingredient to make it look smarter, perpetual circular logic is mostly applied, but the dialogue, while seemingly having poetic depth, is actually saying nothing at all. As some kinda of last straw, they add some kind of mysterious history for every character, but I’ve seen enough to know it will probably lead to nothing worth watching. Summer seems a little bit longer now.

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