US Box Office

This week, fortune sets sail somewhere else than the Carribean, and Ocean’s Thirteen takes the top spot instead. Crime caper takes in $37 million, just about in line of what the Eleven and Twelve previously accomplished.
Pirates will have to do with the runner up spot, with $21.3 million. With a total war chest of $253 million, together with Shrek and Spidey, it seems all these tentpoles will easily top the $300 million mark by the end of their runs.
Knocked Up has another strong week at the number 3 spot, with $20 million, it had the second best screen average this week.
Surf’s Up, a CGI animation involving penguins (AGAIN ? Yeah, this time it’s from Sony Pictures), does reasonable business with $18 million.
Rounding out the top 5 is Shrek the Third with $15.8 million.

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