Review: Season Finales part II

It’s June already, all TV series have stopped, as usual in during the final sweeps month May. And I finally had time to clear the backlog I created. Here’s what I watched (generally from freakin’ good to bad):

Heroes: What a season. What started as a generally good show (with a few steals here and there), continued growing into this adrenaline boosting chess game with fate and courage duking it out, while you grow to love the characters. And what a setup for *gasp* volume 2 !

My Name is Earl: The only comedy on air that’s as consistenly funny in a whole variety of ways as this one. Boot to that, major changes are happening towards the end, even though the karma story outline seemed to have been able to keep the show rolling.

Lost: More answers and more questions. But with the story’s definite ending in sight (2 more seasons), its unique 1-person’s-flash-back-story-telling-rule, while seemingly limiting, is supremely smart and continues to pay off.

Boston Legal: Amazingly whacky story telling continues, with a whole can of freaky recurring characters standing by. This courtroom drama has been quite a thrill ride.

South Park: With only 7 episodes in the first half of its eleventh season, I can’t say the jokes have gone softer, or less provocative. It’s as strong as always, including all new controversies it creates.

CSI: Finally a season with a thread going on, and an interesting goose-chase that was. Finally more is revealed in the season cliff hanger, but the Tarantino level has not been reached. Of course, Grave Danger is kind of a hard act to follow, it’s slowly trying to.

Jericho: It got to the finish line (while still sliding in the ratings), and while not a shining star, it was pretty well-written and executed. For a serialised series, of which there are not a lot of (not counting Prison Break and 24 wannabees), it was enough to stand out. And with fans crying foul and setting up campaigns, its impending REAL doom (cancelation that is), seems to be overturned to a last series of 7 episode during mid-season.

24: Another season, but somehow it doesn’t feel as sharp as it has been. Dullness is especially tangible with the somewhat of a anti-climax-ish ending. Of course, it’s still entertaining, and we’ll see another one those horrible Jack Bauer days (after all, he signed on for two more). No matter, it’s still entertaining in a way.

Smallville: Several groundbreaking events have made this season definitely more memorable than the ones before, but somehow you keep waiting for that “reset” show, where everything is turned back (be it memory loss or some Kryptonian time trick). For now, I’ll just hope the ride continues a little bit further than just the season opener.

King of the Hill: Short season, and nothing seems to ever change. But that’s exactly how you like this normal yet whacky show. One more season to go before the All-american family goes off the air.

Criminal Minds: This show I followed, purely because I have the time. While interesting now and then, it’s character development is nigh nill. Season finale might signal something new, but I can’t be too sure. This show is in the danger-zone.

Everybody Hates Chris: This is actually a show that’s been going downhill a bit unnoticed. That’s because, while funny now and then, there’s not enough variety, plus the same running gags get old. In an over-crowded upcoming TV schedule (with over a dozen new shows coming up in September), this one will be the first to warm the bench.

Shark: During the mid-season replacements, I totally didn’t have interest to pick this one up again, so I didn’t catch the season finale. Won’t see you back next season, dude.

If you think I have nothing to do the coming months, think again. Off to the cable summer season ! (Big Love, Dead Zone, The 4400, Monk, Psych, Weeds (and in lesser degrees The Closer and Brotherhood))

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