Review: Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

Can’t say I’ve ever been impressed enough to listen to a whole CD by them, but I thought, after they’ve been building their radio friendly image, I just might digest full album after all. Sure I know their pop-rock-rap hits, highly infective, but that only last a few minutes. Then there’s the really heavy stuff, which I really can’t stomach.
And this album has a few of those distorded big’ol-yellers. The rock-rap part however, has been diminished to less than a handful. Newly introduced are a few slower songs, all of them failing to grip you.
All in all, it lacks melodic punch. A few do have some kind of build-up, but in the end they never deliver. Of course, when you enter the music world with a signature song like In The End, all songs following it will resemble it too closely or they’re just too different. After 7 years, they still can’t completely shake that off.5.

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