US Box Office

Great retention at the box office, most holding on around 30% of last week’s admissions. That means the top 2 stays the same, resp. Blades of Glory (with $23 million) and Meet the Robinsons (with $17 million).
The first new entry is at number three, Are We Done Yet?, the sequel to Are We There Yet?, again starring and produced by Ice Cube, is at least done for thise week for $15 million.
Superhyped double-bill movie, doesn’t pack a punch, even with 2 major directors behind the cameras (Robert Rodriguez and Quention Tarantino). Grindhouse, which is over 3 hours of scary movie, only reels in $11.6 million. These directors usually do $20+ million openings on their own (i.e. Sin City, and Kill Bill).
Rounding out the top 5 is The Reaping, where it didn’t scare a lot of people, as they left it sideways with only $10 million, despite Hilary Swank starring (usually having a better choice of script).

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