Review: Mr. Bean’s Holiday

A decade has past (the first movie, Bean, was realeased in 1997), and this movie kinda comes in a bit under-hyped. A good sign for a change ? No.
With 10 years to spawn a sequel to a luke-warm received movie, itself a sequel to a highly funny series, was it enough time ? Apparently not. I now upgrage my judgement that ANY of the 18 episodes (running from 1990 till 1995) is more memorably than BOTH movies together. That’s basically because of the non-existent story and the lack of the outrageously selfish character you’ve loved to hate. This one relies on weak jokes that wouldn’t make it into one of those aforementioned episodes (also totally lacking any surprise punch to it), and a bit on Rowan Atkinson’s mime skills (again, belly-achingly funny in his Live show from 1992, but not so much here). In essence, it’s not memorable at all.5½.

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