Review: 300

Maybe a bit over-hyped (must be the Frank Miller angle), because while this movie is mildly entertaining, it’s far from brilliant (which most Frank Miller fans will probably make it out to be). Biggest and most obvious point is the lack of story, characters and depth. So you wanna talk glory, honor and courage. That’s fine, just don’t do in for a full 2 hour stretch without pause.
The positive things are, there’s bloody gore, and enough brutal violence so you won’t doze off. The virtual studio technology is going ahead pretty well too. It’s not as obvious if you’re in the movie (it did bother me a bit looking at the trailer, always the same kind of activity and placement in the foreground). And of course, two critical scenes involving breasts and nipples will make your mouth water worse than you see in a typical Sunday morning cartoon cliche.
One last thing, don’t take your girlfriend along, as there’s nothing in for her unless she’s a sixpack-ogler.7+.

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