Review: Knights of Prosperity 101 – 107, In Case of Emergency 101 – 106

New comedies at ABC, while being single camera format, it feels more like sitcoms (visual style and story-wise). Of the two, ICE is the most generic, about a group of friends, and what they’ve become after college. Of course, not is all well, and with the help of each other, they try to get a handle on life. Mildly entertaining. Nothing more.
KoP is more mission based, a group of friends working at the lower end of the food chain decide to rob Mick Jagger. Planning and the slow execution of all the steps ensues. As it may or may not work towards a big finale this season, this one is more likely to hang on, even if the writing is only marginally better.
So it means ABC still doesn’t have a killer comedy in their line-up, despite Boston Legal (while being hilarious, it’s still technically a legal drama).

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