Review: Dreamgirls

Musicals bore me. Musicals makes me wanna kill people. I knew this was an original Broadway production, but the trailer made it seem like it was going to be a normal movie, with music integrated to it. And then the Oscars, that got me curious.
Essentially, it’s about 70% singing and 30% movie. The singing ain’t that bad, and even might spawn a few hits. The movie part is also acceptable, but with such a limited story, I can’t believe they’d nominate any acting gigs for that.
Also, for the most part, the camera is focused on the stunningly beautiful Beyonce, and her many guises that will pass the stage. Not bad at all.
All in all, it’s pretty enjoyable, bar the singing dialogue parts, that will have the musical-challenged audience surpress their laughter, and will result in the drama being a sure misfire in those scenes.7-.

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