Review: The Good Shepherd

With an ambitious tagline like this “The untold story of the most powerful covert agency in the world”, you can’t go wrong, right ? Wrong.
This movie is pretty boring, despite the covert intelligence aspect, and the counter-intelligence stuff. Oh, don’t forget the counter-counter-intelligence and the quadruple-counter-disintelligence. Yeah, mix in hundreds of semi-secretive code mumbo-jumbo in the dialogue to make it really interesting. Sorry, but the sexy mother doesn’t shag, nor does the pole-dancer reach the catwalk, if you get my drift.
Slow as the story is, it’s mostly uneventful too. And with the long running time, it really hurts that this movie is devoid of real characters and development.
Yeah, for the better CIA stuff, you’d better pick a random episode of Alias. There’s something you can really sink your teeth into.5-.

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