Review: Blood Diamond

Well, bloody hell, the second movie in a year where the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t really bother me at all (the first being The Departed). Heck, a few more, and I might just go see a movie because he’s in it.
Mainly, of course, the man behind the camera (Edward Zwick) did it for me, and while I don’t think this is the way he should go, it’s still an above average movie. I like his slow moving, always deepening, with a personal touch kinda dramas, like The Last Samurai and Courage under Fire. This movie is character-wise a bit more predictable, and focuses more on the civil unrest (or rather, cruel terror), making it more of an action drama than the previous movies. That’s not to say there isn’t drama, because there is. It’s just not the same kind you’d come to expect. To top it off, this is probably the first movie coming from him to bear a message, something to think about, even though it doesn’t apply to me (or 99.9% of the population).7+.

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