You’ve visited www.wiihaveaproblem.com, you’ve laughed. I visited wiihaveaproblem.com, I laughed. Then karma came around and hit me right back in the face. Maybe it’s still that avian voodoo lingering about.
So I bought Wario Smooth Moves a while ago, but decided only to play it today with my lil’ niece coming by. And we can only assume Wario is the evil brother of Mario (is there a more obvious theory ?), but now you know that at least the evil part is true, because this happened.

During bowling (we didn’t open the new game yet, we were warming up with Sports), the wiimote slipped from the tiny 9-year old hands, breaking the first version straps (already requested the thicker ones from Nintendo, but still haven’t received them) and *whoosh* past my 32″ inch LCD-TV (*pfew*) right through the window:


A slightly damaged (but mostly still functional) wiimote:


Here’s the strap, one layer of thread, reinforced with *gasp* nylon:


And as the most respectable citizen in this universe, I had to clean up outside:


And here’s the trajectory of the wii-mote. While I still need more real world data to collect (variables being age and game in question during the mishap) I just had the counsel for Applied Mathematics and Physics convene, and they just stated the obvious, “The safest position to take on a road, is in the middle of it”.


Update: Just submitted my story to wiihaveaproblem.com, and now IIII’m getting blamed for this. *snif* The world just isn’t fair.

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  1. Constance Says:

    Hiilarious story and pics! :mrgreen: Cool you got on wiihaveaproblem too! 😀
    Poor you, though. 😉

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