Review: Rocky Balboa

Sherlock once said that if you excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be it. One last sequel. Pretty improbable, grandpa in the boxing rings, but it’s finally here. And whatever Stallone wanted, he got it. Main reason must’ve been a dignified ending to the saga, and to my feeling, even never disliking any chapters from before while also thinking the last one was okay for an ending, I actually think he nailed it (as far as the inspirational underdog story and the Rocky character goes). I think most fans will like, if not love this one too. And for non-fans, it’s not as rock solid as the first Rocky, but it’s almost there. Some here and there feels a bit too rushed, while there are also some blunt edges in the script. But for the effort and the result, it’s definitely two thumbs up, while Bill Conti does an updated score worthy of nostalgia.7½.

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