Review: Apocalypto

Hectic year for that Mel Gibson dude. So hectic, it drives you to drinking a lot. And then some drunk driving. And name calling. And racial slurs. Ah well, as long as he knows how to make movies.
And that, he still does. Not as provoking as Passion, but I think there are a few subtle hints in this movie. While Passion was in a sense, more thought provoking, this one is only visually provoking (and in a way we’ve seen before). And without giving away too much, it’s basically Commando or Predator, but then old fashioned. Really old fashioned.
On film, a sense of authenticity is only conveyed by using old Mayan language, and hence the necessary subtitles reading is necessary. But by using small lightweight HD cameras (and the according shaking), you only get the feel that’s associated with the current trend. I’d rather have the steady cam serenity to slowly immerse myself in the older times. Gibson however, wanted some high tech close-up follow shots, and deemed the hand held camera the only solution to achieve it.
Ah well, all in all, not a foreign language Oscar contender in my books. While it gets only one thumb up, I’m afraid mr. Gibson’s style is moving towards the Hollywood middle again, even though this movie not recommended for the “normal” crowd yet.7+.

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