This just in… a special Wiiport.

Well, it took Nintendo a while, but they finally shipped enough Wii’s to a particular shop, to reach all the way down the reservation list (mainly because I decided only last-minute to get myself a Wii). While getting the call on Thursday, it was only after much delay (work, party, work, etc) that I finally unpacked and played with it late Saturday. So, that’s the story of my first console.
Here’s my mob cousin in action, with him imagining the bat being a…. somewhat more violent bat (considering his line of work).

As you may or may not know, Wii Sports is the free game delivered with the console. I can tell you now, that that’s pretty much enough game you’ll need for at least a week or so. What most other consoles lack is the imaginitive and immersive power, but here, you pretty much literally control yourself on the screen. And Nintendo goes a step further, designing a fitness program around it, it’s fun and healthy at the same time.
I dunno what the index means, but it says I’ve done a good job, and who am I to disagree. I mean, sore muscles all over the place. I kid you not, I need a day off.

Of course I’ve bought more games, the actioner Red Steel, and the adventurous Zelda. But I’ll take it slowly with those (with Zelda being dialogue and small mission intensive).

Technically, graphics don’t compete with the Xbox (the first Xbox, so let alone the Xbox 360), but you get a tiny box that’s silent instead (Xbox has a noisy fan). I guess the Wii will beat the other consoles with better gameplay then.
Aesthetically, it also beats the other consoles, being nice stylish and small and all.

And now off to the next hurdle, getting myself the Wii Play (the game combined with an extra Wiimote). With an incredible shortage of accessories, it means the Wii is a 1-person family friendly console for a few weeks at least.

2 Responses to “This just in… a special Wiiport.”

  1. B. Says:

    ROFL :mrgreen:

    That cousin of yours really looks like a mobster. But, good job! Let’s plan that Wii-ting sooner rather than later. In the mean time, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be singing…

    “what’s that coming over the hill, is it a mobsterrr.. is it a mooobsterrrr” tralala

  2. Ezri Says:

    Niice Wiiport! 😀
    I’m very happy for you you’re one of the fortunate ppl who own a Wii. _O_
    Must be kickass! I’m gonna buy one when Mario is released and when I have more money. 😉

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