Review: Flags of our Fathers

Clint Eastwood takes on a WWII movie, based on true facts. (Actually, he takes on two, shot back to back, with the other side’s perspective shown next year.)
Most of the time, as a director, he doesn’t disappoint. This movie is doesn’t either, but it’s not as impressive as the awards whispering makes it out to be (both this movie, and the follow-up Letters from Iwo Jima, were shortlisted for the National Board of Review top 10). Maybe it’s the war movie overload currently happening, as blown off limbs hardly scares anyone these days anymore. On the personal drama, it only gets effective more towards the end. Before that, you’ll get confused by the many characters and all the time jumping (flashbacks).
As a whole, there’s decent acting involved, and visually, it’s commendable (for its budget).7+.

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