Review: The Class 101 – 110

After Friends, there hasn’t been anything on TV that copied the same feeling. With The Class, David Crane (exec producer of Friends) sets shop at another TV station, CBS. Partnering with Jeffrey Klarik (formerly Mad About You co-producer), and you have the best sitcom entry for this season. Of course, it’s no contest when it comes to comedy in general (single camera comedies like My Name is Earl and Extras win hands down), but for the “simple laughter” category it’s good enough.
A few positive points are, the ensemble cast, while the characters start seperately, they’re slowly written into each other, which is nice. Then there’s the continuity, long developing story lines, and every episode ends with a “cliffhanger”, which adds something extra to keep you watching. The humor itself is exactly what you expect. It’s a bit of the same craziness you’ve loved Friends so much for. Laugher-wise, it’s still hits-and-misses, but the hits win it overall.

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