Review: Scoop

I’ve learned to watch any movie involving Woody Allen with much caution, because, diverse as they are, they’re mostly too weird to describe. I wasn’t overly enthused with Match Point either, but at least the beautiful Scarlett Johansson caused enough distraction for this stiff romance with panic ending.
Luckily, this movie is one of another category, basically a very lighthearted murder mystery. Luckily, with Woody Allen’s continued confidence in Scarlett, she takes the lead again, while Woody co-stars as a, whud else, neurotic person. Doing his usual fast paced rapid fire dialogue trying to fit in a punchline or word play in every sentence isn’t really hilarious, but at least it’s a bit amusing.
The story is simple but overall solid, and there’s no real boring moment in it. So here’s two thumbs up for Woody Allen, who knows how much more of this will ever happen ?7½.

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