Review: Stormbreaker

In general, James Bond copies for kids are bad. You’ve seen this formula fail (at least, for the adult audience) for Cody Banks and Spy Kids (why in heaven’s name were there sequels made ?). Now the UK tries to strike back with their pet “let’s show Hollywood” project based on the Alex Rider novels. A more mature hero figure, and besides a moderately high budget they threw in some bigger names too (Ewan McGregor, Alicia Silverstone, Mickey Rourke, Stephen Fry, Bill Nighy). Did it help ?
Unfortunately, no. It’s still a kids movie. Well, maybe teens can also be included in the target demo now. But leaving the adults in the cold, it can’t bear the name family flick. Besides using the very same formula I just told you didn’t work, the script is dull and the screenplay unimaginitive. Add to that the predictibility of a Tic Tac Toe game heading for a draw, and you wish the budget wasn’t wasted all on just making a flashy trailer, because the movie doesn’t add anything to it.4+.

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