Adjusting TV Fall Schedule

With almost all of this season’s new pilots rolled out, I’ve gotta be harsh and cut corners already, mainly because time seems to be an unbudging variable.
While ratings look pretty bad all across the board for all the big fours, my cuts are purely based on specialty, quality and longevity of the shows.
Of course, the comedies are the easy targets, offering nothing new, while also not really being laughing matter.
So it’s bye-bye to:

Happy Hour (Comedy. Riihiiight)
Til Death (Hope it dies really soon)
Vanished (serialised, but boringly infused with half-revealing hints and clues that lead nowhere)
Kidnapped (serialised, but boring, feels miscast and uninteresting)
Friday Night Lights (Sports docu style filming. Peter Berg on a digicam frenzy)
Help Me Help You (Nice try mr. Ted Danson)
Men in Trees (Light-hearted Everwood for females. Nice effort, but really isn’t missed when gone)
The Unit (A bit too much of the same)
Dexter (too weird and unbelievable outline, that will only become worse in the future)

This still leaves me with some 20 shows every week. Next round of the axe in a few weeks.

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