US Box Office

Stupid stunt-show Jackass Number Two stumbles to the top spot, painfully grabbing no less than $28 million along the way. With a non-existent budget (even the most simple and mind numbing stunts will get the target demographic crowd cheering), this is pretty clean money flowing in.
Chopping his way into the second spot is Jet Li with Fearless, his supposedly last martial arts flick, with $10.5 million. Dropping 2 places is Gridiron Gang, last week’s number one grabs another $9.7 million.
A risky project of passion for producer Dean Devlin (Stargate, Independence Day), Flyboys drops a $6 million cargo package. Not much for a $60 million budget, but it could be expected, leaving his sci-fi roots for a real World War I fighter pilot story.
Rounding out the top 5 is animated movie Everyone’s Hero with $4.8 million.

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