Review: Superman Returns

And return he does. And I won’t even mention the franchise possibilities. So, again, nothing but kudos for Bryan Singer, a true wizard when it comes to comic books translation to the silver screen. With almost full creative control, the story is as smooth as Superman flies through the sky, and then some. With a two and a half hour running time, you get your full worth of money, and Singer uses this time to paint the canvas with emotional colors, true comic book atmosphere and the appropiate amount of funny bits. Taking extra time to fill the emotional bagage is always a plus, and with his choice of casting, it works like a charm. I guess DC Comics will get through pretty nicely for the next few years (and hence, also WB), with a moody and dark, well, Dark Knight (as the title for the next Batman is for 2008), and a lighter but still dramatically sound Superman.8+.

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