Why don’t you stab a knife through my heart, pleez ?

Oh wait, someone beat ya to it. Figuratively speaking of course.
Parking my car in an underground parking garage to have a chill day in Amsterdam, and what do I find after just 5 hours ? SCRATCH ! (height and direction of the damage suggest some other car’s door rammed it into mine)
Therefore, my conclusion is a clear one. Amsterdammers are rude, inconsiderate and guile. No exceptions.
car scratch
(Picture is somewhat unfocused, due to the high-reflection (previously undamaged) metallic paint job)

2 Responses to “Why don’t you stab a knife through my heart, pleez ?”

  1. Qbix Says:

    Ah that sucks!

    The picture is really unfocussed though.

    The A’dam people probably knew you were from R’dam

  2. Tienz Says:

    Or they were just jealous that they didn’t have that supercar of yours!

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