Review: Blade – The Series 101 – 102

Spike TV is diverting a bit of its (usually male oriented reality shows) budget to original series, and this is the first of the batch. Trying it safely, it’s a continuing of a Marvel Movie franchise, with Avi Arad still attached as producer.
Of course, the basics are the same, but they’re trying new things as not to rehash the old stories. Also apparent are a set of arch-enemies recurring throughout the series (even featuring as the A-story for now). Looks promising ? Well, one series who followed the same formula was Highlander. And if you’ve paid attention, the quality wasn’t really that good (though it lasted 6 seasons on syndication). This is about the same, budget doesn’t seem to be high, but they try to make the most of it (unflattering sfx and choreography). Hiring cheap actors is another budget saving measure.
All in all, for now it’s filling the low season TV schedule, but come overlap time (when the summer series are finishing up in Sept/Oct, and the networks are already starting their new TV season), Blade will be the first to be cut off.

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