How Messy is Bern’s my Desk Today ?

Rate 1 (FR#^&% MESS !) to 5 (how very tidy !). Only rate the latest picture, otherwise I can’t keep track of the average.

Just in case you did not read the title, this IS NOT MY DESK, this is from the chain smoking Bern. And in case you are wondering about the missing ash tray, he doesn’t need one. He eats his cigarettes whole, not wasting even the bits of burned up tar and nicotine.

Total: 5 out of 2 votes > Average is: 2.500

desk pic

4 Responses to “How Messy is Bern’s my Desk Today ?”

  1. B. Says:

    All stuff nicely sorted, no dust on the desk, I’d say a 5. If I’m allowed to vote, that is 🙂

  2. KaNam Says:

    The day you can vote on your own desk, is the day you deposit 3000 euros into my bank account. Obviously, that day still hasn’t come.

  3. Qbix Says:

    Can’t really judge wether this is normal or special.
    The Keyboard has some weird buttons on top.
    So a Mark will be : 2

  4. Tienz Says:

    Well, actually it’s really normal. Not very neat, but also not very messy. Just like Qbix’ en my desk! :mrgreen:

    Always room for improvement… therefor a 3.

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